Double Masters!

New Magic: The Gathering Sword Of Fire & Ice Is Basically A Dark Souls  Crossover


Spoiler Season for Double Masters have kicked off! We are all excited for all the great reprints that have been spoiled, as this set is looking very promising. VIP boosters and booster boxes are also available for the more serious collectors.

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Indomitus Pre-order Date Revealed!

Just in case you’ve been lost in the warp for the last few weeks and have missed the news (and you must have been hiding in a canyon on Mars to miss this…), there’s a new edition of Warhammer 40,000 on the way. When it arrives, there is going to be something for every type of gamer, whether you prefer narrative gaming, tournaments or everything in between. Today, we’re taking a look at the must-haves from the first day of the new edition, and let you know just how soon you can get your hands on all of it.



If you actually have been lost in the warp, make sure that you get all caught up by watching the awesome trailer for Warhammer 40,000.* The new edition is going to explode onto the scene with Indomitus – the best boxed set we’ve ever produced, and you’ll be able to order your very own on…


 JULY 11th!

 There will be a two-week pre-order window and Indomitus and friends will hit shelves on July 25th.

That’s not long at all! Indomitus is the flagship of the new edition, and what an amazing way to celebrate. If you want a reminder of just how very full of Warhammer 40,000 goodness this box is, take a look back at our unboxing article. Copies are available while stocks last, so be sure to secure yours early – they won’t be around forever.

Wait… did we say ‘Indomitus and friends’ up there? That’s right! Indomitus isn’t launching the whole edition by itself, there’s plenty more to be excited about, whether you prefer open, narrative or matched play, so let’s take a look. 

 First up, we have a new type of Chapter Approved. This revered tome is evolving into the essential yearly update for all competitive players, and it’s actually two books! 

The Grand Tournament 2020 Mission pack is … well, packed with new missions, alongside guidance for running and playing in tournaments, special Secondary Objectives, and loads more. It’s even got a special binding to make it extra friendly to the tabletop setting. The second book is the Munitorum Field Manual, which holds a full list of updated points for Warhammer 40,000 units. With their powers combined, the new Chapter Approved will have you on the cutting edge of Warhammer 40,000 competitive gaming.

 But launch day isn’t just for matched play. Narrative players, we’d like to introduce you to the Crusade Journal.

This army and campaign tracker is a great way to celebrate the fantastic new Crusade system, and we could not be more excited to get started. This book is going to allow any budding warlord or conqueror to log all their glorious victories (and also the glorious non-victories) and let you easily follow the journey of your Crusade force as it grows from a simple patrol into a mighty war host conquering the galaxy. Get ready to write your war stories and be sure to order your Crusade Journal on Day 1 (which, in case you missed it earlier, is July 11th).

 Fans of open play will have their own reason to celebrate with these new Open War cards. 

These allow you to quickly and easily generate a mission by randomly choosing a deployment, objective and twist for your battle. There are also ways of evening up games where there is a difference in Power Levels between players so they work great for spontaneous pickup games. With thousands of different combinations, these cards will keep you busy for a good long while without ever repeating a game (unless you want to).

 Okay, so we’ve seen all of the awesome stuff that is going to be available at launch, and we know that there are completists out there who are eagerly anticipating everything! The good news is that you don’t have to wait long – Indomitus, Chapter Approved, the Crusade Journal and the Open War cards will all be available to pre-order from the 11th of July. Then, they will all be in-store from the 25th of July.

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Lumineth Realm-lords – What’s in the Army Set?




The time of the Lumineth Realm-lords is dawning! Very soon, you’ll have the chance to kick off your own collection of light-powered aelves with a brand new Army Set – a jam-packed box of goodies that gives you pretty much everything you need to muster your forces. Today, we’re bringing you the next best thing to cracking open a copy yourself, with an in-depth look at what you’ll find in the box…





The Battletome

It’s not every day that a whole new Warhammer faction comes along. To help commemorate this momentous occasion, each Lumineth Realm-lords Army Set features a special edition version of the battletome featuring gilt page edges and full art on both sides, allowing you to gaze in awe upon that incredible cover!



Just think what a treasure this will be for your aelf collection – it’d probably look at home on a shelf full of Teclis’ arcane tomes. As for what’s inside, you’ll get the extremely awesome Lumineth Realm-lords battletome, with lore, rules and more. We’ll be previewing it all in detail throughout the week, so be sure to check back every day!



The Models!

What’s a Warhammer army without models?* The Lumineth Realm-lords Army Set is packed with full, customisable kits for some key units – the Vanari Auralan Wardens and Vanari Dawnriders – led by the breathtakingly awesome Light of Eltharion

PreOrders will be available on June 20th 2020.

(Credit Warhammer Community)




Warhammer 40k Indomitus Revealed!


Terrain Rules and Line of Sight.


So, we’ve told you how Vehicles and big Monsters are going to be even more frightening in the new edition, and how Blast weapons will offer many weapons a formidable advantage against more numerous enemies, but what about their would-be victims? Well, in line with feedback from our elite team of playtesters and you, the Warhammer 40,000 community, the terrain rules have undergone a radical overhaul, aimed at providing a more balanced and immersive gaming experience. Here’s the low-down on some of the key changes…


 Terrain Categories

All terrain types now fit into one of four categories – Hill, Obstacles, Area Terrain and Buildings. How units interact with them depends not just on the nature of the terrain itself, but on the unit’s own size and what type of unit they are.

For example, Hills are essentially a part of the battlefield for all intents and purposes, so are treated as open ground and offer no form of protection. Obstacles, on the other hand, are a footslogger’s best friend, as they offer the benefit of cover (which, for the most part, means +1 to your saving throws against ranged weapons) to Infantry, Beast or Swarm units if the obstacle is in the way of the firing unit.

Terrain Traits

When setting up a battlefield, you and your opponent(s) decide which terrain traits will be applied to each piece of scenery. The traits are designed to be stackable, so a single terrain piece can actually be given as many different traits as you wish. For example, you may decide to count a bunker as both Light Cover AND Heavy Cover, offering the benefits of cover at every range.


You can pick traits that will have more specific effects on the game, clarifying details such as whether or not the terrain is Scalable, Breachable or even Unstable. One of the real game changers is the Obscuring trait – not only does it offer an area of the battlefield that blocks line of sight, but the largest models can still be targeted! After all, an Imperial Knight towers over all but the largest buildings, making its bulky carapace an easy target, yet it would be all but impossible for its guns to match the same firing angles in return.
Another important point to note is that, even though Obscuring terrain blocks line of sight from one side to the other, a unit that’s INSIDE the terrain can still be freely targeted (though they will receive the benefit of cover if the terrain also has the Light Cover trait) and can give fire in return. However, the days of drawing line of sight through a gap in the wall and three consecutive windows to a unit on the opposite side of a huge building are over!


To make life easy, the Warhammer 40,000 Core Book includes some handy guidelines for which terrain traits to apply to the most common pieces of terrain.

 At the end of the terrain section, there are a number of example battlefields presented, each explaining the thought processes behind the terrain selection and their positioning. This is really useful advice, as getting the quantity and density of terrain right is a key factor in playing a balanced game of Warhammer 40,000 – after all, too little terrain and shooting armies will have a massive advantage, too much and melee armies will likely dominate.


A Word on Battlefield Sizes…

A number of you have been getting in touch regarding the minimum size battlefield measurements we introduced in last week’s article. We’re happy to confirm that, yes, you can still use your 6′x4′ (or larger) gaming tables, be they gorgeously detailed Realm of Battle boards or lovingly created battlefields of your own design.

The minimum size battlefield guidelines for Combat Patrol, Incursion, Strike Force and Onslaught battles are just that – minimum sizes. They’ve been specifically designed to make the game more accessible and compact at smaller sizes (and fit on most dining room tables), but they can just as easily be played on larger battlefields as you see fit. The minimum sizes also ensure that armies in bigger games won’t be cramped on a battlefield that’s too small for them, so will still have plenty of room to manoeuvre.




Having a Blast!


We’ve all been there – a numberless horde of Tyranids is hurtling towards your army, but even as you line up your trusty ordnance weapon to blast a ruinous chunk from of their ranks, you roll a 1 for the number of shots it fires. Well, no more! The new rules for Blast weapons ensure you get the most bang for your buck when targeting larger concentrations of enemy troops…



That’s right – weapons designed to engage and destroy large groups of enemies will benefit from a more reliable number of attacks to ensure they make their presence felt. As you can see, it’s not all about heavy ordnance weaponry either, but grenades and a whole bunch of other, more esoteric, guns, warheads and munitions as well. All 174 Blast weapons and Relics listed in the back of the new Warhammer 40,000 Core Book gain this ability. Here’s a selection of five of them, and why we’re happy to see them included:


  • Barbed Strangler (the Tyranids get to shoot up enemy hordes too!)
  • Deathstrike missile (yes, your favourite ICBM is getting EVEN DEADLIER)
  • D-cannon (yay – more warp displacement for everyone!)
  • Squig launcha (nomnomnom)
  • Phlegm bombardment (now extra icky)
Despite their cool new rules, Blast weapons don’t get it all their own way – there is one drawback that makes your choice of vehicle turrets, sponsons or monstrous munitions all the more important. As we mentioned in the last article, Vehicles and Monsters can shoot their weapons at enemy units within Engagement Range (1″) of them. However, they cannot do so with Blast weapons…
So there you have it – get ready to splat and exploderise your enemies to pieces in the new edition by grabbing a mighty battle tank or gribbly monster to bring their augmented firepower to bear upon your enemies!
(Credit Warhammer Community)


Tanks Are Back On Track.


There are few more enjoyable experiences in games of Warhammer 40,000 than blowing your opponent’s forces to pieces with a devastating battle tankgigantic walker or gribbly beast. Yet some wily enemies will insist upon ruining your fun by bogging your otherwise unstoppable pride and joy down in melee until it grinds to halt. No more!



That’s right – Vehicles and Monsters of every description are about to become a whole lot more menacing in the new edition, as they’ll be able to deal with the pesky attention of enemies within Engagement Range (that’s 1″ to you and me) by shooting them to pieces point-blank!

As you can see, the Vehicles and Monsters won’t have it all their own way – they’ll suffer a small penalty to their hit rolls (mainly because their targets will be clambering all over them trying to find a weak spot). Still, if you want to make the most of this newfound freedom, now’s the time to outfit a shiny new vehicle with those heavy flamer sponsons* you’ve always wanted!

Of course, if you’re a Tyranid player, being able to shoot into combat with all your monsters is just the icing on the cake, as they’ll already be sweeping through the enemy ranks with each swing of their scything talons or enormous claws. ‘Nidzilla armies are coming back with a vengeance!

But there’s more! Check out the new rules for firing Heavy weapons on the move…


Notice the difference? Only Infantry models subtract 1 from their hit rolls when firing Heavy weapons after moving, meaning your Vehicles and Monsters will no longer be affected (nor will Bikes or any other form of non-Infantry units, for that matter). That means your biggest and best units will be free to take the fight to the foe with extreme prejudice!

(Credit Warhammer Community)



Four Sizes Fit All!


Today, we thought we’d take a closer look at those recommended sizes to discuss what impact they will have on the game…



Getting the Scale Right

Arranging to play a game of Warhammer 40,000 is one thing, but settling on what size of battle to fight is another thing entirely. To help you decide, the new edition comes with four recommended sizes of battle – Combat Patrol, Incursion, Strike Force and Onslaught – designed to help add guidance and structure to your game. From army size, composition and the likely duration of the game, to the escalating size of the battlefield perimeters for larger games and even terrain density and positioning, everything is covered to help you get the most accessible and enjoyable experience from each game.

Of course, these are only the minimum size requirements for your battlefields, so whether you’re using a 6x4 table with a Realm of Battle board, linking two, four or six 22″x30″ Killzone boards together according to the battle size you’re playing, or just using a dining room table, you’re good to go.  In fact, most dining room tables should be able to accommodate a Strike Force game!

Mission Statement

To further reinforce the distinction between each size of game, there are also different mission sets designed for each to replicate the kind of military operations that would likely be performed by forces of that size, ranging from covert raids to massed assaults. In matched play alone, there are 18 Eternal War missions to choose from (or randomly generate). Here’s a sneak preview of a Combat Patrol mission pack and one of the missions in full…

Going on Patrol

On the topic of Combat Patrol, though many of you will be familiar with fighting battles that roughly equate to the size of Incursion (approx. 50 Power/1000 points), Strike Force (approx. 100 Power/2000 points) and even Onslaught (approx. 150 Power/3000 points), Combat Patrol is aimed specifically at small-scale skirmishes and vanguard operations. As such, it’s the perfect size for lunchtime games, as you should easily be able to finish in under an hour, and you don’t even need an especially large surface to play on!

Combat Patrol is a great way to get started with the game if you’re taking your first steps into the grim darkness of the far future, or are already a fan of Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team and are looking to make the jump over to a larger scale game,* as it’s a really accessible collection milestone to aim for. If you’re already an experienced Warhammer 40,000 player, it’s a great scale to play while you’re learning the new edition (and perfect for kicking off your Crusade campaign). Combat Patrols are compact, easy to set up and break down, as well as quick and thoroughly rewarding to play.

(Credit Warhammer Community)

Taking Command of Your Points!


Anyone who’s played a game of Warhammer 40,000 with a Battle-forged army will know how awesome it is to have loads of Command points to spend. In fact, for many players, much of their army-building process has been geared towards ensuring they would have as many at their disposal as possible* – and preferably a way to replenish Command points during the battle too. Well, the good news is that you’re about to get more Command points, so read on and find out all about it…


All is Fair in Love and Warhammer 40,000

You don’t just get more Command points in the new edition – both players will also receive the same amount according to the size of the game.** After all, the larger the army a Warlord leads, the more strategic assets will be at their disposal.

With both players having the same number of Command points, they will be on an even footing when it comes to the number of Stratagems they can employ. As the army’s commander, the onus is on YOU to see if you can use them to gain an advantage over your opponent in battle!

Mustering Your Army


So, if you don’t earn Command points by taking additional Detachments, do they still interact with each other in any way? The answer is yes, but how they do so has been turned on its head. Instead of earning you Command points, each Detachment you take will instead COST you Command points. However, it’s worth noting that the Command points spent on a ‘core’ Detachment (Patrol, Battalion or Brigade) are refunded if it also includes your Warlord, so your first Detachment is usually free. An army drawn exclusively from the same Faction and comprising a single Detachment is the most strategically flexible on account of their experience fighting alongside one another, and therefore offers the most Command points.


Let’s take a look at the workhorse of many Battle-forged armies as an example – the Battalion Detachment…

You’re the Boss!

This concept was heavily inspired by the narrative and enables you to manage your army selection in the manner of a real commander. You can either maximise your Command points with a single Detachment or choose to draw upon powerful assets and summon allies to your cause by using Command points to unlock additional Detachments.


But there’s more! Not only do you start the battle with more Command points, but in each of your Command phases – the new opening phase of your turn – you will receive one additional Command point.

Getting an additional Command point every turn ensures that even in the late game, you can still rely on having a number of crucial Stratagems at your disposal.


More Stratagems for Everyone!


With all these Command points flying around the place, you’re gonna want some awesome Stratagems to spend them on, right? Thankfully, the core Stratagems available to every army have been increased to seven. Have you managed to fight your way across the battlefield only for your enemies to flee like cowards before the fury of your chainblades? Cut them down as they withdraw with this handy, and aptly named, Stratagem!


That will certainly hurt if activated on a unit of 30 Ork Boyz!!


(Credit Warhammer Community)
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